Cigars: The Complete Guide From Novice To Expert

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Do you enjoy smoking a cigar for a special occasion?
Are you aware of the history of them or how to spot a fake Cuban?
Would you like to understand much more?
A fine cigar is like a fine wine or a properly aged whisky. Made the right way and with quality ingredients it can be a thing of immense beauty and quality, ready to be enjoyed at the right moment. Many people recognize cigars from their basic look and size, but do you know much beyond that?
In this book, Cigars: The Complete Guide From Novice to Expert, you can build on whatever knowledge you already have and expand it with the information contained chapters like:
- A short history of cigars and tobacco
- Basic types of cigars
- Different flavours
- Production in different countries
- How to spot a fake Cuban cigar
- Drawing and puffing
- How to properly age a cigar
And more…
Whether you are a novice or have a fleeting interest in cigar production and why they hold such a place in our psyche, Cigars: The Complete Guide From Novice to Expert will develop and improve your knowledge.


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