What A Time to Be Alive! Reinstating the American Dream Through Passive Income and Tiny Living

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Forget what you’ve been culturally conditioned to think about financial freedom. It’s no longer reserved for the elite. How many legitimate problems would you have if acquiring money to pay for your basic needs was no longer your primary focus? Imagine what your life would look like if your primary focus was not money, but instead something truly meaningful to you. With your basic financial needs met, you would be free to create, free to impact, free to explore, and free to evolve. What more could you want?

What a Time to Be Alive! is both a battle cry for American’s subscribed to unfulfilling life paths and a manifesto designed to provide two different solutions anyone can utilize to achieve financial freedom and thus gain the opportunity to reach their personal potential. While most millennials are crippled with student debt, and many others across multiple generations are confined to mortgages, financial freedom can be attained quickly.

Austin Laudenslager worked hard on changing his life. A traditional career path meant six-figures per year, which came at the price of limiting his life in order to continue sacrificing desired experiences for ongoing employment. After scaling up his passive income, and scaling down his living situation, he now travels the world full-time doing what he loves while still enjoying the same annual net-income. In his revolutionary publication you’ll learn why America is uniquely positioned to claim the ideal society our Founding Fathers designed for us. The American Dream does not need to be redefined; it needs to be reinstated.