Lots of Laughs!

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Selected Short's most popular volume! Over three hours of stories to tickle your funny bone.

  • Nicholson Baker's "Subsoil"
    performed by Thomas Gibson
    A darkly comic thriller about a tractor historian besieged by man-eating potatoes.
  • David Schickler's "Jamaica"
    performed by Isaiah Sheffer
    A man with his head stuck between the banisters has no choice but to listen in on his wife's "Gorgon Book Club."
  • Neil Gaiman's "Chivalry"
    performed by Christina Pickles
    A delicious tale of an elderly British matron who buys the Holy Grail at a rummage sale.
  • Leonard Michaels' "Nachman from Los Angeles"
    performed by David Rakoff
    A wonderfully silly tale of misadventure on a college campus.
  • Etgar Keret's "Fatso"
    performed by John Guare
    An offbeat romance with a very comic nightly ritual.