Understanding Everything

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What is the cosmos made of at its most fundamental level? Where does consciousness exist in the physical world? How does it fit into our understanding of evolution? What can you and I do to ensure the evolution of our species continues beyond the next generation? Ervin Laszlo has a mind as big as the cosmos, it seems, as his studies and writings address these questions and every aspect of the world as we know it. He was a child prodigy who gave more than sixty piano concerts a year, and in his late teens turned his genius to the study of physics, the cosmos, and consciousness. In this dialogue he talks about politics, economics, culture, consciousness, ecology, sustainability, and spirituality, all with the deftness of one who understands the unfolding of universes as well as the nature of particulate matter.

Ultimately, though, "all complexity is generated from simplicity," says, Laszlo. At the cutting edge of science we find evidence that "we are all connected. We are rediscovering at a deeper level our connections to each other, and these connections are based on energy and information. All of this has real roots now emerging from physics, the new cosmology, the new biology, and the new research on consciousness. That is the key, to discover that our sense of connection is not purely imaginary. It's not something to be dismissed. It is there. It is real. It is to be cultivated." (hosted by Michael Toms)