Bobs World.

Episode 3 - The how OR why of happiness.



As we grow up, we pile belief upon belief and if we don’t revisit and verify these at certain moments in time - it becomes a house of cards.  A few days ago I had a call with a master NLP and hypnosis practitioner who made me dig deep into some of the first memories I had as a person and to see what beliefs I had created based on certain experiences as a kid. The thing that struck me was that I could really see how I chose my path in life over the course of 4 decades - purely based on what I believed to be true. The session we had somehow allowed me to open doorways and travel paths of things that could have been - had I made different decisions throughout key areas in my life, based on the beliefs that I was operating on. The perspective that I gained has helped me to tap into an infinite order of events that happened, and I can make decisions for my future outside of the conscious box of limiting beliefs that I've been operating on for so long. Once I accepted that not every belief is fact or truth -