Deborah Leigh

Let's Talk! Personal Prophesy Card Readings Offered Live on Every Subject and Situation You Find Yourself Coping With



Call in for a live reading during this show! Between calls, Deborah will discuss her history with Personal Prophesy card reading and the meaningful insights she's gained over the past three decades conducting readings. Dubbed the "Psychic Love Doctor" first on AOL in the mid-90's, her popularity grew where she was featured on and in sydication. When she took a break from her connection to these online websites to write her book, "The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards" (O Books), her clientele continued to grow. Call in during the show for your reading encompassing every aspect of your life from love relationships to family issues and career pursuits. These readings are empowering, enlightening and filled with awareness about the life you are living and where you are headed in the future. Call in during the just might change your life. We want to hear from you!