Deborah Leigh

Keeping Relationships Sexy: Let's Explore the Sexual Frontier!



Just about everybody tends to be a little curious and interested in how to keep relationships sexually passionate while also tip-toeing a bit into that vast and mysterious "sexual frontier." Should you try *this* or *that* with your partner? What about fantasies? Role playing? Can you take your relationship out to the fringe sexually and get more adventurous without it doing your relationship more harm than good? Bottom line: How far realistically should you go?Teagan Linley, a female member of our Psychic Love Doctor team at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach, will be joining us as a special guest. She holds a Master's Degree in relationship therapy and is our celebrated resident *Sexpert* here in the office. Teagan covers everything in terms of sexuality - heterosexual, bisexual and gay relationships - in a meaningful, positive and supportive fashion. She'll be with us sharing her insights and suggestions on how to keep relationships sexy while guiding us through those areas in terms of "new frontie