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RockStar Lawyer - FULL AUDIO BOOK



I have been thinking for a LONG TIME that I might want to release the audio book to the world free of charge. This audio book is for attorneys and professionals who want to turn up the volume on their practice. Here it is. In this book I talk about the following:Rockstar Lawyer: Have You Achieved Great Things in Your Life and Career? Or Have You Settled for Normal? Stand Up! Stand Out!"The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short." Abraham Maslow, rock star Lawyer, drives straight to the heart of unspoken truths in the legal industry. Are you running your firm like a business? How is your brand? Are you the rock star in your field? Reach the inner entrepreneur within. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Whether a small firm practitioner or a large law firm attorney, Rock Star Lawyer speaks directly to you to be your best, maximize your potential and get back to the joy of practicing law.Become Omnipresent in your market!Set your Mindset.Break away from