Poems In Prose (premium Ebook)

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The "Petits Poèmes en Prose" are experiments, and they are also confessions. "Who of us," says Baudelaire in his dedicatory preface, "has not dreamed, in moments of ambition, of the miracle of a poetic prose, musical without rhythm and without rhyme, subtle and staccato enough to follow the lyric motions of the soul, the wavering outlines of meditation, the sudden starts of the conscience?" This miracle he has achieved in these bagatelles laborieuses, to use his own words, these astonishing trifles, in which the art is not more novel, precise and perfect than the quality of thought and of emotion. In translating into English a few of these little masterpieces, which have given me so much delight for so many years, I have tried to be absolutely faithful to the sense, the words, and the rhythm of the original.

Contents :

I.    The Favours of the Moon

II.    Which is True?

III.    "L'Invitation au Voyage"

IV.    The Eyes of the Poor

V.    Windows

VI.    Crowds

VII.    The Cake

VIII.    Evening Twilight

IX.    "Anywhere out of the World"

X.    A Heroic Death

XI.    Be Drunken

XII.    Epilogue