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Episode 6 - Time Machines Exist - This Is Where To Find Them.



Paid advertising is as close as you’ll get to a time-machine in our life time. The one thing that can help you reclaim back YEARS of hard work and increase the lifespan of your business indefinitely - in an instant. This is your unfair advantage in business, IF you can see it. With paid advertising, you can test hypothesis around your product or offer - does the market want this yes/no. With paid advertising you get the data delivered to you in easy to understand metrics. Either it works or it doesn’t. You can market an offer that hasn’t even been created yet. Just an ad with a big promise and a large enough audience to see if people are willing to pay you for it. Practically in an instant. Imagine putting all your last focus on ONE THING only, instead of squandering countless hours per day - posting everywhere and try it to keep up with all the platforms. Understand that in the time it takes you to figure out your offer and your audience organically - you could have tested 50 offers and 50 audie