Deborah Leigh

How Passionate Are You: Is it enough for your relationship and your life in general?



We're talking *passion* for this week's show - the kind of passion that keeps our relationships alive and sets our hair on fire for the future! The kind of passion that literally makes life worth living. Merriam-Webster defines passion as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. An object of desire or deep interest. And oh yes...sexual desire! What do you feel most passionate about? Your relationship? Your career? Family, friends, a special hobby or sideline pursuit - you tell me! At the start of the show, I will share what I've learned intuitively about Passion from over 30 years of conducting Personal Prophesy card readings for the public and how instrumental - how crucial - it is in terms of our lives. Readings will be conducted during the show on all topics and situations so please join us!