Deborah Leigh

33 Years and Counting: How to Stay Married for the Long Term and Living with a Partner's Disability



What does it take to not only be married but to stay married for three - count 'em, three! - decades in what is essentially an easily disposable, transient society these days? Adding to the daily ups and downs of marriage, what if your partner also suffers from long-term disability? Please tune in to this show to find out! Gigi and Jerry Toman will be our special guests for this show, having last week celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. Yes, you read that right: 33 years! Jerry, now a business accountant by trade, has dealt most of those years with a work-related injury from years ago that left him permanently disabled and in constant pain. Still, he's upbeat, inspiring, full of wisdom. Gigi's career as a successful project manager for a number of foster homes for those who are physically and mentally handicapped in Minnesota has been challenging, rewarding and so grounding for her in many ways. During this show, Jerry will share with us his own coping mechanisms as they've raised two children to