Deborah Leigh

Trust in Relationships: Building It and Keeping It



Do you have a personal struggle with trust? Have you thought you were beginning a healthy relationship with a huge amount of trust only to find that it wasn't true at all? Do you worry that you may never be able to feel trust in a relationship again? Let's discuss the issue of Trust during this show as I share with you the many insights I've gained over the 30+ years that I've been conducting Personal Prophesy readings. These insights may surprise you!Pamela Hopkins, lead therapist at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach will join us as a special guest.Live on-the-air Personal Prophesy readings will be given during the show so please call in!If you would like a reading during the show but prefer not to be heard during the broadcast, please submit in email to me details about your situation and the question you would like addressed in your reading. You won't be identified during the show.