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Seminar success growing your elder law practice with elder law attorney Greg McIntyre



For the entire transcript visit: Greg McIntyre of McIntyre Elder Law and Jim Blake of Bambiz Marketing talk about:* Starting an elder law practice.* How to overcome obstacles you will face as your practice grows.* The value hosting educational seminars / workshops brings your community & your practice.* How to make the most out of the seminars you host.* The value of being "real" and relating to your clients on a personal level. * What is a 'RockStar Lawyer'? How can you become one?Partial Transcript:- All right, welcome back to another one of our Expert Interview sessions with Bambiz. Today we've got Greg McIntyre of McIntyre Elder Law. He's got a couple of different locations in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Welcome to the Expert Interview, Greg.- Charlotte metro area, I'm metro, let's go. Thanks, man, I appreciate that.- Awesome. Well, give us a little bit of an overview of your practice.- I'm an Elder Law attorney with McIntyre Elder Law and I'm