Skiing: The Ultimate Guide To Learn Skiing (extreme Sports Winter Adventure Collection)

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Do you want to take up skiing?
Does the idea of jetting off to a nice resort for a week or more appeal to you?
Do you need a book that will help you understand the basics before you start?
It’s here. In this book, Skiing: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Skiing (Extreme sports winter adventure Collection), you can learn much about this fabulous winter sport long before you decide to hit the slopes, with chapters that explain in detail:
- What Beginners Need To Know About Skiing
- Perfect Motion Control Techniques
- Improve Your Traverse Skills
- Easy Way To Side Sliding
- Polishing Your Skiing Capability
- Edging The Skis Confidently
- Learn About Skiing Style, Balance And Falling
And much more…
Imagine the freedom of coasting down pristine slopes in France or Italy, relaxing after your day with some refreshing drinks and soaking up the atmosphere that goes with it?
It’s a fabulous way to vacation but knowing a little bit about your chosen sport before you head off is always advisable and with Skiing: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Skiing you will be one step ahead before you start.
Get a copy today and start preparing for your new hobby now!