Hillary Rodham Clinton: Do All the Good You Can

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An inspiring and meticulously researched middle grade biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton—First Lady, senator, secretary of state, and Democratic candidate for president in 2016.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a true leader. Growing up in Park Ridge, Illinois, Hillary was inspired by the philosophy of John Wesley, who urged his followers to "do all the good you can." Rising to prominence in 1992 as the First Lady of the United States, Hillary captured the world's attention with her bold ideas and political forcefulness.

From her time at Wellesley to her life at the White House and beyond, Hillary has been at the forefront of huge change—and despite setbacks and political scandals, she has worked for good in the world.

Acclaimed author Cynthia Levinson creates a compelling and personal portrait of Hillary's historic journey from her childhood to her service as secretary of state and beyond. Includes a timeline of Hillary Rodham Clinton's life and an eight-page photo insert.


  • 001 Hillary Rodham Clinton

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  • 002 Prologue

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  • 003 Chapter 01

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  • 004 Chapter 02

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  • 005 Chapter 03

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  • 006 Chapter 04

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  • 007 Chapter 05

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  • 008 Chapter 06

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  • 009 Chapter 07

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  • 010 Chapter 08

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  • 011 Chapter 09

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  • 012 Chapter 10

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  • 013 Chapter 11

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  • 014 Chapter 12

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  • 015 Chapter 13

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  • 016 Credits

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