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From underneath the waves, a terror from ages gone arises, ushering in a reign of devastation that will change the world forever. The gods from ancient times are real, and engaged in a shadow war that will decide the fate of every human being in the face of the Earth. As their conflict reaches the boiling point, they summon their last, desperate weapons - gigantic entities from eons long forgotten. The Shards. Heather Muir is an Irish teenage girl tackling the stresses of high-school and the important life choices that will soon follow. Unbeknownst to her, she has within her the power to awaken a Shard. Chosen to summon the Shard of the Oceans, Heather is thrown headlong into a war she knows nothing about and would prefer not to partake into. But she may not have a choice, as NATO launches a desperate campaign to pursue and contain her. With the battle escalating, a path of destruction is carved across Europe. While Heather struggles to retain what remains of her humanity, her brother Keenan leads a desperate investigation to discover the forces behind this new threat. Moreover, Lieutenant Tara Winchester of the RAF is at the forefront of the battle against the colossal monster. With desperate fights coming one after the other, the question lingers - will humanity survive? And will Heather manage to control her powers or succumb to the lust for destruction now running through her very soul? Francisco Duarte is a Portuguese author, who wrote dozens of short stories for video and tabletop games. Heather is his debut novel - an homage to the giant monster movies that marked his childhood. Across its pages, he instills the same sense of awe and excitement that permeated those classics, entwined with the thrills of urban fantasy and military fiction. A genre-bender that brings a fresh new spin to the kaiju genre and will keep you hooked up to the last page.