Camilla, A Picture of Youth

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Among Jane Austen’s favourite novels, and a key work in the rise of Romanticism, Camilla follows the story of three young sisters, from childhood to young adulthood, and their pursuit of matrimony. Kind but naïve Camilla, the eponymous heroine, is in love with Edgar Mandlebert, a handsome and noble young man, but must suffer a series of frequent misunderstandings that threaten their happy union. Intelligent Eugenia, destined to inherit her uncle’s great wealth, is plagued with misfortune as she is left disfigured by smallpox and has men court her for financial gain only.

Meanwhile beautiful but selfish Indiana never finds a fortune for her good looks. Their troublesome journey is accompanied by a cast of memorable characters, such as their rowdy, prankster brother Lionel, the dim-witted Mr Dubster and the scornful Miss Margland.


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