Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory The Emergence of Polyvagal-Informed Therapies

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Clinicians who have dedicated their work to bringing the benefits of the Polyvagal Theory to a range of clients have come together to present Polyvagal Theory in a creative and personal way.

Chapters on a range of topics from compassionate medical care to optimized therapeutic relationships to clinician's experiences as parents extract from the theory the powerful influence and importance of cases and feelings of safety in the clinical setting. Additionally, there are chapters which:

● Elaborate on the principle of safety in clinical practice with children with abuse histories

● Explain the restorative consequences of movement, rhythm, and dance in promoting social connectedness and resilience in trauma survivors

● Explains how Polyvagal Theory can be used to understand the neurophysiological processes in various therapies

● Discuss dissociative processes and treatments designed to experience bodily feelings of safety and trust

Through the insights of innovative and benevolent clinicians, whose treatment models are Polyvagal informed, this book provides an accessible way for clinicians to embrace this groundbreaking theory in their own work.


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