Your Own Terms A Woman's Guide to Taking Charge of Any Negotiation

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When it comes to negotiation, there is an ugly double standard. As women, if we make concessions to further a deal, we're viewed as weak. But if we play hardball, we can be seen as overly aggressive-and the strategy backfires. No wonder most women hate negotiating.

In Your Own Terms, negotiation expert Yasmin Davidds helps women strike a balance, merging our natural strengths (collaboration, relationship building, listening) with a firm grasp of established tactics. Guidelines, stories, and exercises illuminate the psychology of negotiation and reveal how women can:

• Control how they are perceived
• Eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors
• Discover their personal negotiation style
• Envision the ideal outcome and map backwards
• Build leverage
• Understand an opponent's approach and adjust theirs in response
• Deploy persuasion and redirection tactics
• And much more

Set the bar high and negotiate to get there. With this empowering audiobook, women learn the skills to win on their own terms-and open doors they never knew were shut.


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