The Stupid Crook Book

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Straight from police blotters across the country, The Stupid Crook Book chronicles idiotic criminals and their foiled attempts to turn a quick buck or cause general mischief.

In this hilarious volume, witness stories about dopey crooks such as:

—A former convict robs a bar to get cash to feed his drug habit. Unfortunately, he lives above the bar in question, and the victim of his crime—his landlord!

— A man is stopped for speeding in Oklahoma and pleads with the officer not to give him a ticket, IF he finds drugs in the car.

—A pizza delivery guy is robbed of his pizza by two men—the same two men who called in the pizza order.

—A neat-freak thief leaves his personalized shoeshine rag at the scene of the crime.

— ... and more!

Leland Gregory presents tales of clumsy crooks who are more likely to shoot themselves before getting their guns out. Funny, and kind of sad, The Stupid Crook Book is a treat for young adult listeners.


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